Saturday 7 March 2009

Best Headed Dog (Entry 23, Absent 4)

A super class, I wish I had more awards.

1st 113 – Ch. Trucharm Monsters Inc – P Wachtel

A very masculine head, good broad skull, well set and used ears. Nice stop and muzzle, overall a super picture.

2nd 40 – Finealta Easy Rider- Brennan Dickensen Collett

Strong head, very alert ears giving a good overall expression, good stop and muzzle.

3rd 129 – GrCh Etherial Chase The Ace PT – M&S Goulding

Well proportioned head nice eyes and a lovely kind expression.

Best Gaited Dog (Entry 19, Absent 1)

1st 64 – Ch. Khayoz Perfect Crime – Khayoz Kennels

Flowing movement with ease, minimum lift giving maximum effort a pleasure to see. Well carried tail, Could go all day.

2nd 127 – Ch Winpara Secret Obsession ADM JDM JDO Gr SD SPD – R Evans

Moved with drive, lovely top line, and good tail carriage another good mover.

3rd 116 – NZCh Clan-abby Nz Dream-lover (Imp NZ) – D&K Adams

Another one which looked as if it could move all day. Flowed around the ring with ease. All three placing’s could have been 1

Sire and Progeny (Entry 9, Absent 0)

1st 84 – Ch Glentress Ostentatious, Glentress Goaheadmakmyday, Ch Glentress I Can Coz I Am, Ch Glentress Anastacia

This group were very much alike. This sire had really made his mark. All the heads were very similar and when the groups moved all moved about the same. The sire had passed on his good virtues.

2nd 129 - GrCh Etherial Chase The Ace, Ch Khayoz Perfect Crime, Etherial On Centre Stage, Ch Etherial Double Platinum

This group were very typey i could see a likeness in heads once again. Movement was not as consistent as in the other group.

3rd 114 - Ch. Danari Danceth Waves, Danari Destined To Dazzle, Ch Bordarite Did Ya See Me, Ch Nakiva Artic Aurora

Standing this group were all the same type as sire. When moving some did not show the same quality movement of the sire. Once again a lovely group.

Class 1 – Baby Puppy Bitch (3 months to under 6 months)  Entry 21, Absent

1st   150 - Etherial Solitaire     M&S Goulding

5 months old very promising puppy, lovely shape, super head with a good stop and ears, one to watch in the future. Moved and showed well.  Best Puppy In Show

2nd 146 - Terrabekka Wicked     T Daly

Another lovely puppy, slightly younger but still correct in all aspects, very alert and well trained. Showed well for a baby.

3rd 164 - Danari Dusky Rose     P&T Wheatley

4 months old, super puppy, nice head with well used ears, nice neck, and good rear angulation. Well handled.

4th 162 - Tookurra Lets Party     PM Wachte

5 months old, good head and well used ears, nicely marked and had pleasing movement.

5th 149 - Winpara Trixx Ofthe Trade     RJ Evans

A real baby only 3 months first show today, very well trained and enjoyed her day out.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Months to under 9 months) Entry 14, Absent

1st 167 - Nahrof Say It Right    T&J Baldwin 

Classically marked seven months old, very compact bitch, excellent angulation and beautifully built which shows in her flowing driving movement. Oppoisite Minor Puppy in Show

2nd 174 - Quinora Word Of Power     L Quinto

Very similar type to 1
st, 6 months old. Again very well put together, good angles, a slight difference in movement made the difference in placings.

3rd 177 - Canalanais Beyond The Rave    L Schneider

Slightly taller in type to other two as 8 months old, also very compact in shape, good reach of neck. Very alert expression, moved and showed well.

4th 175 - Greraric Chit Chat     P&G Revell

Another 8 month old bitch, not so alert as top three, lacked a bit of coat today, moved very well.

5th 166 - Delucapark Ebonys Dream     D Atkinson

Dark headed still with good expression, good neck, and good angles all round.

Class 3 Puppy Bitch (6 months to under 12 months) Entry 17, Absent

1st 193 - Khayoz Queen Oharts     Khayoz Kennels

Loved this puppy, superb overall shape, lovely feminine head with dark eyes and good ears, in beautiful coat, moved sound away and back. Handled well.  Opposite Puppy in Show

2nd 187 - Winpara Mint Julep     RJ Evans

Another lovely puppy, slightly smaller in size but a superb shape. Lovely neck and topline, flowed around the ring, top 2 could change places on another day very close decision.

3rd 189 - Etherial This Kiss     M&S Goulding

9 months old and very mature, still a very nice shape overall, good front angles, moved and showed well.

4th 195 - Danari Danger Money     P&T Wheatley

12 months old also very mature, athletic build, good angles giving corresponding movement.

5th 181- Tehya Greatest Luv Of All     T Bailey

Another promising puppy 9 ½ months old, good overall shape but in a very strong quality class today.

Class 4 Junior Bitch (9 months to under 18 months) Entry 19, Absent

1st 197 - Glentress Hwy To Heaven     D&K Adams

I adored this bitch as soon as i saw her come in the ring, excellent head, neck top line, good angulation front and rear. In super coast and flowed around the ring, a pleasure to watch. Shown in superb condition. Opposite Junior in Show

2nd 203 - Etherial On Centre Stage     M&S Goulding

16 months old, classically marked, less bone than 1st but good feminine head, good reach of neck, excellent angle, lovely movement and well handled.

3rd 206 - Khayoz Heaven Forbid (Al)     Khayoz Kennels

Another super compact shaped bitch, super head and ears, good neck, moved and showed well all of these three bitches could
  have won today.

4th 215 - Ch. Nahrof Word Games      LE Somers & EJ Badior

I liked this dark bitch, very alert with a super expression, would like to have seen her in full coat but still moved and showed well.

5th 214 - Kennorway Bandits Upity Tart (Al)     Kennoway Kennels

Very pretty bitch but also left her clothes at home today. Beautiful movement.

Class 5 Intermediate Bitch (18 months to under 36 months) Entry 33, Absent

1st 216 - Ch.  Glentress I Can Coz I Am     D&K Adams

From same kennel as my junior winner, same dam. Has the same quality and shape, lovely angulation front and rear, good head, neck and top line. Lovely tail set, shown in superb condition a credit to the owner.

2nd 243 - Tullacrest Devil Inprada     P&C Smith

Another quality bitch, excellent head with sweet expression, well used ears, good reach of neck, lovely top line, moved very well in this strong class, also in excellent condition.

3rd 228 - Gr Ch. Grenaric True Colours     J&S Cook

Slightly larger type than first two, lacking coat today, but all qualities could be seen. Correct amount of bone, very alert expression, moved well.

4th 221 - Ch.Tehya Destiny All Over     T Bailey

Super compact bitch, pleasing head, good length of neck, good angles also very alert, moved and showed well.

5th 240 - Wiralee Tables Turned     M Ralph

Another super bitch in this very strong class, not so compact but still a nice overall shape. Moved well.

Class 10 Australian Bred Bitch (6 months and over, whelped in Australia) Entry 48, Absent

1st 251 - Ch.Majalibre Great Calamity     T Bailey

7 ½ years old but did not look her age. Another one that was a super show girl and said look at me. Lovely feminine head, ears wel l used, good length of neck, superb top line, sound fore and aft. In brilliant condition, Well handled.
Reserve Challenge Bitch Winner & Opposite Australian Bred in Show

2nd 289 - Ch. Calanais Kinky Boots CDX AD JD SD     L Schneider

3 years old another quality bitch, good amount of bone, lovely
 alert expression, well used ears, good neck and shoulder, superb shape in excellent show condition. A  very  good handler.

3rd 274 - Ch.Danari Danceth Niteaway     D Lisk & P&T Wheatley

3 ½ years old another one i liked a lot, super head and ears, lovely neck and shoulder, good level top line, in brilliant coat and condition. Good flowing movement.

4th 262 - Ch.Syryne Vega O Lyrae PT      S Fossey

3 years old and also well put together, good overall shape, handled very well, excellent movement in a very strong class today.

5th 250 - Delucapark Black Velvet     D Atkinson

Another one i liked a lot, darker in head but still has a good expression, well used ears, in good coat moved well.

Class 11 Open Bitch (6 months and over) Entry 36, Absent

1st 329 - Ch.Danari Datewith Destiny     P&T Wheatley

Loved the flowing movement of this bitch as soon as she entered the ring. She is my perfect bitch, beautiful head, ear s and alert expression, good neck and shoulder, super
  top line, good angles behind, good tail set. She flowed around the ring. A credit to her owners. Challenge bitch winner, Runner up to best in show, Best open in show.

2nd 328 - Gr Ch. Tullacrest Moulen Rouge    Tullacrest Kennels

6 years old and another one that i loved, good feminine head, well used ears, lovely neck, overall shape excellent. Also flowed around the ring, in good show condition. Well handled.

3rd 313 - Ch Etherial Double Platnum     M&S Goulding

Another lovely bitch this was a quality class, very alert, superb head, keen expression, good length neck, lovely compact shape and angles. In excellent condition. Very well handled.

4th 302 - Ch Danari Destiny Rose      T Bailey

6 ½ years old, quality bitch, good angulation all round, nice head, good alert ears, moved well.

5th 318 - Maghera Celestial Dance      Maghera Kennels

Stronger in head but still quality, nicely made in all aspects, in excellent condition, moved and showed well.