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Briefly about us: The NSW Southern District Border Collie Club is a non profit organisation focused on the promotion of the pure bred Border Collie breed in conformation, all aspects of obedience, as a herding dog and importantly as a loyal family member.

Our Club was founded in 1992 after a meeting of dedicated and enthusiastic breeders from the Southern Country region of New South Wales (Australia). Incorporated in 1996. Started as a social club with no intentions to rival the Border Collie Club of New South Wales but to offer the same facilities and opportunities to the country breeders and exhibitors of the Southern Regions of New South Wales.

In recent years, as when our club started, many breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts hold membership with both New South Wales Border Collie clubs. Both clubs formed to encourage and promote the pure breed Border Collie, to encourage owners and breeders to work together against hereditary diseases and bring their dogs together at different social events throughout the year.

On the last weekend of September each ear, the Club holds two days of Championship shows, Agility, Obedience and Jumping Trials. The Club also promotes sheepdog trails when this information is available.

The Club actively participates in the New South Wales judges training schemes holding lectures and field nights for aspirant judges in conjunction with the Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd.

Our Club is actively participating with other State Border Collie clubs in the establishment and success of the Australian National Border Collie breed council.

Our Club hosted the Second (2nd) National Border Collie Show, (Friday 6th to Sunday 8th March 2009) attracting an amazing entry of 822 Border collies across all disciplines of Conformation, Obedience, Dog Sports and Herding. The National attracted exhibitors from all over Australia and many parts of the world. The event will always hold a special place in our history.

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